What should be a perfect diet for a baby?

  What should be the diet of a baby of 0-4months? During this phase a baby

Different types of infant health issues and problems

Infancy is the time span from the birth of the baby till the baby reaches an

Some basic baby skin conditions, problems and remedies

The skin is the very sensitive outermost layer of the human body. The skin protects us

Ifs and buts of Children healthy eating habits

Children healthy eating habits are always necessary. Food is the main constituent which supplies the essential

Preventing childhood obesity is a priority of many nations

Childhood obesity is a matter of much concern worldwide and the health organizations and NGOs are

Certain sick symptoms in a baby to help new parents

If any behavior of the baby is not usual the new parents tend to get frightened

Symptoms, causes and treatments for high fever in children

Fever is the most common illness that children suffer with and the prime reason is lack

Baby illness symptom checker for easy detection of infirmity

Babies are more prone to common illness than older children and adults. For this parents need

Diarrhea in babies its symptoms and home care

Babies tend to have stools frequently during the first two months of their lives and this

Childhood cancer may be of different types

The body is an amazing creation of God. Each and every cell of the body works