Abdominal pain bleeding may be caused due to some serious medical conditions


Menstrual cycle starts in a girl as she attains puberty. Flow for 4 days (more or less by 2-3 days) is considered normal. It causes a loss of blood to the extent of 30 to 80 ml, or about 2-8 tablespoons. This occurs every 28 days again more or less by 7 days. It also causes occasional abdominal cramps.

If abdominal pain bleeding or vaginal bleeding is restricted to this then there is nothing to worry or be concerned. However, if vaginal bleeding occurs in between menstrual periods (i.e. the cycle of 28 days) or post menopause; then this may be a cause of concern as there can be varied reasons for that. Most of these may be benign and curable. However, at times the abdominal pain bleeding may be associated with precancer or cancer symptoms. So, in case of any abnormal vaginal bleeding one should undergo proper evaluation. With after menopausal bleeding the risk of detecting a cancer is increased by about 10%.

Uterine growths like the uterine fibroids are a major cause of abdominal pain bleeding. Ovarian cysts, which are like sacs filled with fluid, are formed within the ovaries. The common ovarian cysts are the corpus luteum cysts and the follicular cysts. The former types of cysts are formed when the egg is released from the follicle but is not properly sealed off. The later type occurs if during ovulation the follicle inside the ovary fails to open. Ovarian cysts reveal themselves through abdominal swelling, bloating, abdominal pain bleeding or severe pain in pelvic region.

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Abdominal pain bleeding

Any vaginal pain and bleeding that is abnormal or excessive pain and bleeding during the menstrual cycle should be dealt with utmost care.

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