Abortion may lead to heavy pain and bleeding in women


People who lack awareness often end up getting pregnant due to non usage of the preventive measures during the time of intercourse. However, even if the barriers or pills are used, seldom a woman gets pregnant. The chance is low but it is likely to occur and there are various processes to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. Among the others, abortion is one method that most people prefer when they get pregnant and do not want to have the baby. The process by which, the pregnancy of a woman is medically terminated is called abortion. The methods however are prescribed only after certain examinations are done of the woman.

If the woman is just 9 weeks pregnant or even less, then abortion is the easiest. Two medicines are given to the patient and once consumed at a specific interval; the miscarriage is accomplished in a natural way. The embryo that is made defunct comes out through the vagina and often the bleeding is painful. In such cases, the doctors prescribe a suitable painkiller as well.

The process becomes complicated and painful if the woman has been with the fetus for more or less fifteen weeks. In that case, the doctors make use of the suction process where the vacuum suction surgical machine is inserted inside and the fetus is pumped out. This process requires usage of local anesthesia as it may cause pain.

For longer periods of pregnancy, abortion process becomes even more painful. The usage of surgical forceps makes the process painful. To make the entrance of the forceps easy, the vagina is made smooth through medication. In case of pregnancy beyond that time period, say 22 weeks or so, the suction process and the forceps are combined and used. This process is extremely painful and often lead to heavy bleeding.