Abortion procedure is prescribed depending upon the span of pregnancy


Abortion is a termination of pregnancy incase the pregnancy is unintended or unwanted. There are licensed clinics that carry out abortion procedure. At first the woman’s condition is assessed whether it is suitable for abortion or not. There are several methods by which it can be performed and there are certain risks associated with these methods and also lead to certain complications in future. The woman if is only 9 weeks pregnant, a simple medicine consumption can cause the termination of the pregnancy. Otherwise the doctors use suction method or some surgical process to terminate the pregnancy.

Abortion methods practiced

Different methods are followed by keeping in account the period for which the woman has been pregnant.

• If the woman is 9 weeks pregnant then she will just be prescribed to take two medicines one after forty eight hours after the other. The medications will just lead to a natural miscarriage easily. Abortion procedure that is suggested by the doctor is the best to follow. However this loss of embryo is completed as it bleeds out from the vagina. Some take painkillers during the process as the process may be painful.
• Incase the pregnancy period has been longer than 7 weeks but not more than 15 weeks, then the doctors opt for the vacuum aspiration process. In this abortion procedure, the fetus is gently sucked out but often this process lead to bleeding for about two weeks or even more.
• In case of longer periods of pregnancy, the surgical forceps are used to remove the embryo. However local anesthesia is necessary during the procedure and it is usually painful.
• There is another abortion procedure for late termination of pregnancies. But that is painful too as it involves real contractions of the fetus as it actually happens during birth of a child.