The most dreaded fear amongst women about breast cancer


What is breast cancer?

Those families who have come across an acquaintance who had faced this deadly disease run are more vulnerable to the fear about breast cancer. It is usually a lump of tumour where abnormal growth of the cells has taken place and can occur anywhere near the breast area in case of women. Men usually do not run the risk of inhibiting this disease. If detected at an early age, it might even be treated and the patience may get fully cured. But if detected at a last stage, even several chemotherapies fail to bring back the person from death bed.

How much chance do we have of getting affected by the disease?

The disease has a statistical rate of about 12%. That is out of 100 people with an expected life span of 80 years are prone to the disease. Or in a positive aspect about 87% of the people do not run the risk of becoming a prey to the disease.

If the symptoms are well known by every woman and they can manage to get their whole body checked once in every 3 months, there is always less fear about breast cancer. The cells of the breast are converted to malignant cells as a result of genetic deformity only in 5-10% of the cases.

The symptoms that should alert you:

The symptoms to look out for breast cancer are listed as follows:

• It always starts with the feeling of a small, painless but hard lump that can be felt by hand on the breast itself.
• Reddening of the breast skin and formation of patches.
• Hardening of the nipple and even growth of the nipple inward.
• The nipple even discharges a kind of fluid other than the breast milk at an advanced state of the disease which is a cause of great concern.
• And in some cases, a lump of tumour can be present at the underarm area.

Even if it is not always possible to check with a doctor but all the beautiful women are advised to feel your breast with your own hands at least once in a month for the presence of any lumps.

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The hope:

It is never easy to accept the report which says that the person has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The usual thoughts that cross the minds are always, “why me?” There are several books available in the market about breast cancer that gives an account of lives of people who were diagnosed with the disease and later treated perfectly to make them a stronger person and even boosted up their family life and other close relationships. It is always the family and friends whose help and support are the most sought about thing in such tragic path of life.

After running a mammogram test and getting positive results about the disease, a person is well treated with a course of chemotherapies that is meant to destroy the randomly multiplying malignant cells. In case a person is completely recovered from the disease there is to such tendency of the disease re occurring again in the spam of some more years. But the fear is always there when you see someone very close to you suffering from this disease. So the nursery phrase “precaution is better than cure” is very useful to explain the case about breast cancer where it is always better to get yourself checked beforehand even if you are not running the risk of attaining the disease.