About heart attacks and how to prevent them


heart attack
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Heart attack is a condition due to which the supply of blood to the heart muscle gets severely reduced or can get stopped. Blood flow can get reduced due to various conditions such as blood clot, tearing or rapturing of artery etc. Heart attack can often cause to death.
Symptoms of heart attack include chest pain, difficulty in breathing, sweating, stomach or abdominal pain, unexplained anxiety, fatigue etc.

Main causes of heart attack:

• Atherosclerosis (this condition occurs when the artery walls thicken due to accumulation of fatty plaques; often cause cholesterol).
• Excessive smoking.
• High blood pressure.
• Heredity can also be a cause


Once a patient is prone to heart attack, he/she is gone through diagnosis, once the diagnosis is done, the doctor recommend for medication such as:
• Anti-platelet medications: prevents formation of blood clot inside the artery.
• Anti-coagulant medications: prevents the further growth of blood clot inside the artery.
• Angioplasty: it is a non-surgical process in which the blocked arteries are opened with the help of a thin flexible tube having a balloon threaded on the other end.
• Other medication like balancing the need of oxygen in the heart muscle.

heart attack symptoms
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Few medicines are also suggested to the patient such as Aspirin acts as an analgesic and prevents from pains. Beta blockers on the other hand give relief from heart pain and load. ACE inhibitors lower the blood pressure. Anticoagulants prevent the blood from clotting.

Preventions to be taken after leaving the hospital:

The doctor suggests the patient to take regular medicines.
Cardiac rehabilitation is suggested to prevent from further heart attack.
The patient is recommended to have some changes in life style such as having a healthy diet, having regular physical exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, drinking etc.