Adult chicken pox comes with severe symptoms and fatal complications


Chicken pox is something that everybody experiences but adult chicken pox is somewhat far more severe than when it occurs in children. The virus that causes the disease is one of the herpes family viruses and comes with several symptoms and side effects. The common symptoms that most children and even adults experience are rash, fatigue, feverish feeling, and itching sensation and so on. However there is a vaccine now that can be effectively used to prevent the break out of the disease in children or adults all together. Ever since the vaccine has come into use, the number of people having chicken pox has drastically reduced.

Chicken pox Symptoms in adults

The severity of the disease is much higher in adults and so are the symptoms. Adult chicken pox starts with the following symptoms:

• Higher body temperature with a feverish feeling
• Continuous tiredness, muscle fatigue
• Rashes come up next, say only one or two days before the disease breaks out

These symptoms then result in blisters that cover almost all the superficial parts of the body and cause not only irritation but also an itchy feeling. Usually the blisters are filled with fluids but in adult chicken pox, there have been cases where the blisters are filled with pus!

Other severe side effects

Many of the adult victims have experienced permanent scarring in their bodies and faces or have even encountered loss of vision. Adult chicken pox is severe as it may also occur inside the eyelids or inside the genitals making it more uncomfortable for the patient. Usually the fever is higher, the body aches are more painful and the crusts itch tremendously. But the only treatment to this is immense home care and simple, spice less nutritious foods along with lots of water. However to reduce the pain and uncomfortable side effects in chicken pox in adults, there are certain medications too that must be consumed only when prescribed by a doctor.

Complicated cases of adult chicken pox

It is more likely to develop complications when chicken pox occurs in adults. Very few adults experience chicken pox compared to the number of children who get affected every year but those very few adults often experience death due to severe complicacies! Usually the adults are prone to develop infections during the time from bacteria which result in serious problems. Some of the complicated infections are listed below:

• Infection in the skin
• Sever pneumonia
• Osteomyelitis or severe infection in the bones
• Infection in the bone joints which is called septic arthritis in medical terms
• Severe bleeding
• Brain infection causing serious neurological conditions
• Cerebellar ataxia and so on.

Adult chicken pox,adult chicken pox symptoms

Transmission of the virus occurs more in adult cases of chicken pox. People who remain in direct contact of the infected adult are likely to develop the disease too. The virus gets transmitted by air, a simple sneeze and cough by the patient can infect the other person present in the same room. It can be prevented if the adult is vaccinated. The vaccine can reduce the rate of complication in adults even if they get the viral attack. Adult chicken pox is likely to occur more in people having lower immunity are likely to have the disease. Women are advised to not to conceive after getting the vaccine for at least one month.


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