All about CNS and Information on the nervous system


Information on the nervous system will provide you in brief a gist of the CNS that is the neurons, brain and spinal cord. Neurons are the prime constituents of nerves. They are the ones responsible to transmit signals. In order to transmit or transfer signals, the neurons must be connected to one another. We know information flows only when there is a connected path in the form of a graph (in terms of mathematics). The advantage with a graph connection is like we can easily determine the edges and nodes and hence if there is any problem we can cure it soon. Similar is the case with the medical sciences.

Information on the nervous system is all about the brain. The brain has two matters inside it. First they grey matter and second the white matter. The more the grey matter, the person is considered to be more intelligent. The hypothalamus is other important part of the nervous system. The glands are all controlled by this part. Glands are considered to be the important organs which secrete hormones. Hormone secretion is the result of your growth. The food fluid intake or the emotions are all regulated with this.

Cerebellum provides a lot of information on the nervous system. Located in the brain, its work is to control the total activities. The quotient of life is all controlled and measured by this part of the brain. Be it the sexual activities or be it the desire towards something expressed in some other terms. Nervous system is not completed if spinal cord is not included in it. The spine forms the root of bones and a lot of information in the form of signals is passed through it.
information on the nervous system


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