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Women experience different complication in their health because of the drastic hormonal changes in different phases of their lives. Usually women tend to remain careless towards their own health and this aggravates the issues they have with their health. A very common problem that has become like an epidemic in most women at present is Alopecia.

Probable causes of alopecia

Alopecia is abnormal rate of hair fall. In general, on average a person can lose about a hundred hair strands but fall of hair beyond this number can be regarded as alopecia. It happens because the cycle of growth and fall that hair goes through remains stuck. There are certain probable reasons in women that cause alopecia:

• As people age, losing of hair becomes evident.
• Menopause in women can act as a key factor for developing alopecia.
• During cancer, the chemotherapy treatment causes destruction of the hair roots and hence hair loss occurs at a drastic rate.
• Usually during pregnancy, due to increased estrogen secretion the quality of hair and skin improves in women, but their may be some exceptions.
• Lack of blood causes less of oxygen to reach the scalp and hence the hair roots become weak. So anemia may cause alopecia.
• Deficiency of some vitamins and certain minerals like zinc, iron result in heavy hair loss.

Necessary care regime

Consulting a physician is essential. The diet plan must include vitamins b complex, vitamin c and essential minerals like zinc and iron. Seafood, fish, meat, dairy product, green vegetable, nuts, pulses must included in the daily diet plan.

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