An overall healing effect provided by the alternative medicine doctors


    By the term alternative medicine we refer to the medical practice that is not included in main stream of western medicine. Alternative medicine doctors treat people on the basis of indigenous medicine, oriental medicine, folk medicine and hostile medicine mainly. These doctors focus on individual treatment and promote self healing.

    How to become an alternative medicine doctor

    It is a post graduate course. There are several universities and colleges that offer a certified course. The topics that are widely studied to become an alternative medicine doctor are;

     Acupuncture
     Osteopathy
     Meditation
     Sound therapy
     Yoga therapy
     Massage therapy
     Mind body techniques
     Herbal therapy
     Homeopathy
     Chiropractic
     Bio chemic medical practice
     Crystal healing
     Reflexology

    A student can select his preferred field from these varied options. There are many patients who are using this form of treatment to get an overall healing effect. As a result, employment opportunity in this field is also quite high in recent times.

    Advantages of alternative medical treatment

    Ayurveda, homeopathy and Chinese medicine are example of spiritual wholeness that is cited as basis of physical well being. The treatment is mainly based on natural resources like herbs, oils and massage. So it does not have any side effect. Moreover, the alternative medicine doctors have used this method of treatment on several critical patients who gave wonderful review after being cured. Even persons suffering from life threatening diseases have been benefited.

    indigenous medicine, oriental medicine, folk medicine and hostile medicine
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    Salary structure

    If an alternative medicine doctor establishes his reputation early, he can operate as individual business personnel. The salary structure is also quite attractive.

    • Chiropractor salary: it is a business that grows with private practice. A median chiropractor’s salary is 85273 dollars on an average.
    • Acupuncturist salary: it is an ancient Chinese medical technique. The pay scale of an acupuncturist ranges from 30,000 dollar to 40,000 dollar in a year. It may increase to 60,000 dollars annually.
    • Massage therapist salary: these professionals operate on hour basis or on full time schedule. They mainly charge on hourly rate. The average annual salary amounts to 32,000 dollars. It can increase up to 55,000 dollars in a year.
    • Personal trainer salary: personal trainers are gaining importance with the patients of all categories in recent times. They may charge anywhere near 25 to 200 dollars for each hour. In a total their average salary in a year ranges from 26,000 dollars to 65,000 dollars.
    • Reflexology salary: a professional in this field can earn up to 35,000 dollars in a year.
    • Homeopathy salary: it is a popular segment of alternative medicine. Their salary amounts to 43,000 dollars annually.
    • Herbal medicine: an alternative medicine doctor specialized in this field can earn from 25,000 dollars to 45,000 dollars in each year.
    • Yoga instructor salary: yoga is considered as a unique form of treatment in alternative medical practice. An instructor may earn anywhere around 43,000 to 61,000 dollars annually.
    • Nutritionist salary: nutrition is one of the essential aspects of every type of treatment. An established nutritionist may receive 55,000 dollars as his salary for a single year.

    Alternative medical treatment needs various kinds of products. The essential oils, massage cream, different floras and faunas are available in selected stores. You can also find websites dedicated to alternative medicine from where you can gather more information.

    On the whole, it can be said that this medical treatment is gaining reputation with each passing year. The alternative medicine doctors are dedicated to offer you full recovery from illness.