Use Alternative medicine for arthritis to avoid side effects


    Arthritis is painful and bothersome. It is caused by many factors like lack of adequate calcium intake, old injury, lack of sufficient physical exercises etc. the two main types of arthritis are the rheumatoid which an immune system disorder is and the other is osteo, caused by wear and tear. The common symptoms of both the types of arthritis are acute and nagging pain, inflammation and fatigue. It takes the form of a debilitating and extremely destructive and chronic disorder. Because of the painful nature of the ailment the remedies and medicines that cure or claim to cure the disease available in the market is also overwhelming. One has to make the correct choice, otherwise the time, money and energy in procuring the medicine gets wasted and the process of relief gets delayed. You might have tried out the prescribed drugs and the over the counter drugs. But they do not provide long term relief.

    Alternative medicine for arthritis include Juvelie Dead Sea Salt organic soap bar containing few essential oils, quite affordable Camphor therapeutic essential oil, Shambala Oil for Arthritis Joint pain Relief Rheumtism etc. These help in curing joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis and helps in pain relief. The later is also good for back pain and sore muscles. There is another alternative medicine for arthritis. And this is the Omega 3 EPA and DHA Fatty Acids. Along with causing effective cure in case of heart ailment and blood cholesterol, it is also highly effective in curing rheumatism and arthritis by strengthening the immune system.

    Alternative medicine for arthritis works well if taken in proper dose and maintaining the proper timing. It has minimum or no side effects as are mainly made up of natural ingredients.
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