Remedies and recovery from alternative medicine for asthma



    If someone feels difficulty in breathing due to some chronic lungs problem, then they may be a patient of asthma. In asthma, the airways present in the lungs get infected and inflamed. This helps in the mucous production, and the airways become much narrower than the present condition. In many cases, it becomes a life threatening as well. So, we must go for alternative medicine for asthma recovery.

    Alternative medicine treatments

    Some natural remedies and alternative medicine for asthma are:

    • Herbs and vitamins: Various Chinese herbs like din tang chan (DTC), etc. help in reducing the inflammation of the lungs. Another common Chinese herb, Ma Huang is also used as alternative medicine for asthma, as it gives relief in bronco spasm, and hence is the number one natural bronchodilator. Not only the herbs, vitamins also plays a vital role in improving the asthma symptoms, especially the Vitamin C. since, it contains various citrus fruits, which are pretty helpful.

    • Yoga: Yoga is a kind of physical activity, where you have to move of body in various postures for having the fittest and the most flexible body. While going the yoga, one’s blood circulates through the whole body very smoothly, and hence there are no chances of clotting and mucous formation. Thus it improves your breathing condition and relaxes your mind. Meditation should also be done along with yoga, as it gives relief in stress, and is the best asthma trigger. Unfortunately, there is no scientific relation in this treatment.

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    • Acupuncture: This is a very common alternative medicine for all kind of diseases. Here, some kinds of medicines are inserted in the patient’s whole body to kill the infected virus and bacteria by means of small needles.

    • Biofeedback: It helps in increasing the amount of air to be inhaled. This helps to reduce fear and anxiety kind of sensation, if anyone is attacked by asthma.