Complementary and alternative medicine for cancer (CAM) treatment


    Cancer is a very serious disease where abnormal growth of carcinoma cells occurs in the victim’s body. This abnormal cell and tissue growth is very dangerous and life threatening. If this growth took place in vital organs like lungs, kidney, etc., it is very difficult to get cured.

    Cancer treatments
    The best solution and treatment of cancer is the chemotherapy and the radiation therapy. In the chemotherapy, some kind drugs are inserted in the area of the carcinoma cell growth through a catheter which kills those abnormal cells. And in radiation therapy, some kind of high-energy rays are passed through the patient’s body for killing the carcinoma cell. Lots of side effects are seen in these cases, the weak people couldn’t take these high energy rays and strong drugs at all. They become weaker in these therapies; in extreme cases heart diseases and heart attacks have also been noticed. Hence, the concepts of alternative medicine for cancer arrive.

    Complementary and alternative medicines (CAM)
    The alternative medicine for cancer treatment includes:
    Acupuncture: After chemotherapy, severe pain, nausea, vomiting has been noticed in many victims. The process of application of acupuncture treatment is noticed here. Some sort of pain killing drugs or chemicals is inserted via thing needles in the body of the patient during the treatment.
    Chiropractic: It is a complementary and alternative medicine for cancer treatment (CAM). The basic concepts included in the chiropractic treatment are powerful self-healing capability of the victim’s body, a strong spine structure. This treatment is pursued to those patients, whose spine bone structure is affected after going through the high energy ray in the radiation therapy.
    Herbal medicines: Herbal medicines are the natural extracts from the plants and herbs, which are given to the patients by the physicians for health improvement. If the cancer victim feels very weak and uneasy after coming across the strong chemotherapy or radiation therapy of hormone therapy, the oncologists suggest them these complementary medicines.

    alternative medicine for cancer