Cure through alternative medicine for diabetes than therapies


    Diabetes is a medical condition in which someone has too much sugar in their blood. This high level of blood sugar is mainly caused due to high production of insulin level in the victim’s body along with no response of the cells for the insulin. The symptoms of the disease includes high urination, frequently becomes thirsty and hungry.

    CAM for diabetes victims

    The complementary and alternative medicine for diabetes includes a proper diet chart, physical activities for mental satisfaction.  This helps the cells to be activated and starts functioning and responding to the insulin level.

    Some alternative medicine for diabetes used by many victims is:

    • Chromium supplement: Chromium (an essential trace mineral) plays a very important role in controlling the sugar level, metabolism of carbohydrate and fat level, and hence highly recommended by the doctor’s for having chromium consumed pill during the diabetes.
    • Magnesium supplement: The magnesium level of someone’s blood is inversely proportional to the insulin secretion. That is, more the level of magnesium lesser will be the insulin, and vice versa. Hence, magnesium pills are a very useful alternative medicine for diabetes victims.
    • Vanadium supplement: Vanadium helps in increasing a person’s sensibility on the insulin hormone. That means it controls cells which are related with insulin secretion.
    • Zinc supplement: It also control over the insulin secretion and absorption level.
    • Cinnamon supplement: Cinnamon helps in controlling the blood glucose level. It helps in reducing the triglycerides, LDL and total cholesterol level. Hence it is a very effective alternative medicine for diabetes type 2 patients.
    • Plant food: Some natural foods are also recommended by the physicians who would be very helpful for the type 2 diabetes. These foods are rich in high fibre, like Brewer’s yeast, Okra, Whole grained wheat, Peas, Sage, Broccoli, leafy green vegetables, etc.
    • Ginseng: It has the total control over the glycosylated haemoglobin. Glycosylated haemoglobin monitors the blood glucose level in cyclic manner.

    alternative medicine for diabetes