Alternative medicine for migraine brings much relief


    If you or any of your near ones have the problem of migraine then you obviously know how painful it can be at times. This chronic disorder may cause moderate to severe headaches. This at times may be accompanied by nausea. It is one of the common neurovascular disorders.

    You might know that the most recognizable symptom of migraine headache is unilateral pain which may last for two to 72 hours. It is pulsating in nature and affects any one half of the head region. Other symptoms include vomiting or nausea; photophobia or excessive sensitivity to light and phonophobia, which is excessive sensitivity to sound. These symptoms get worse by continued regular activities. There may arise some language, sensory or visual disturbances.

    Genetic as well as environmental factors affect the incident of migraine. In almost over 60% of the cases, there is a familial history of migraine headaches. Since it is extremely painful and bothersome; as well as can restrict the normal lifestyle including outdoors; it should be treated as early as possible. There is some very effective alternative medicine for migraine which can cure the migraine pain.

    One medicine is the Coenzyme Q-10 which is a Natural supplement for nutrition and one of the strongest antioxidant. This nutrient is required to nourish the cells so that those can provide optimal performance. This alternative medicine for migraine also treats various other diseases as well.
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    Another alternative medicine for migraine, which is slightly cheaper than the former, is called the Headache Essential Oil Blend. As the name suggests, this is a fine blend of several Essential oils that help in relieving pain and migraine. This 100% pure essential oil is a blend of Lavender Essential oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil which are mixed with Jojoba Oil.