The most talked of alternative treatment: alternative medicine homeopathy


    Where did alternative medicine homeopathy come from?
    The increase in the number of diseases has led to the research path and finally to the discovery of alternative outlook of treating the diseases. Thus came alternative medicine homeopathy. Homeopathy was discovered in Germany more than 200 years ago. Homeopathy works on two major principles: one is treating the disease with the disease causing elements or some micro-organisms that produce the same effects in a healthy human and the other one is the use of very little diluted amount of the product. But there lies no solid evidence or guarantee of its effective treatment. Also it is a long term treatment, a person being treated with homeopathy might recover but that takes a lot of life and in many cases almost a lifetime.

    Myths and truths about the treatment:
    It is assumed that homeopathic products when diluted to such an extent will not cause any side-effects. This should be considered as a myth. The truth is due to contamination with micro-organisms due to improper dilution might lead to severe side effects. Also in alternative medicine homeopathy, the products content more than the normal amount of alcohol, especially in the liquid products. Also in some cases “homeopathic aggravation” might be seen which the temporary worsening of the disease. It is always advisable to consult other immediate treatments if the worsening continues.

    alternative medicine homeopathy

    And finally what is advisable?
    Alternative medicine homeopathy mainly consists of herbs, plants, minerals, animals etc. Treatment with such product is individualised and thus two persons having the same problem might not be given the same dosages. It is always advisable to consult a doctor and always make a point to let him know about all the alternative treatments you are using at home.