Alternative medicine therapy: providing life to the almost dead


    Alternative medicines are also known as complementary medicine or integrative medicine. It is a diverse medical group or a health care system which are not used in conventional medicine. Conventional medicines are those medicines, which doctors usually recommend.

    Origin of alternative medicine therapy:
    When people lose faith on the conventional treatment of severe diseases, this alternative medicine therapy comes to rescue. It is actually when people are in the death bed, they seem to try everything possible to bring back life to that person, and thus comes the use of such therapies. Though it is deprived of evidences that support its real existence and curing power yet people tend to get more and more fascinated by such therapies.Nowadays we have medicine for almost every occasion. Evidences support the use of herbal therapies even as before as the Neanderthal period.
    How is such therapy useful?
    Alternative medicine therapy is the traditional and unconventional method of treating diseases with most of the home-made organic elements. Usually elderly persons of a household follow such techniques and often say that this was useful at times when people were not familiar with so many medicines. Alternative medicine therapy might be of several types, likes homeopathy, Ayurveda, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine etc. In many cases the sole intention of such medicine is to build a connection between the mind, body and soul.

    Alternative medicine therapy photos

    Although criticism says that the name is purely made to deceive people and that belief in such type of remedies is purely unethical. Yet diseases as serious as cancers are believed to have been cured by such therapies and more and more people are finding hope in such treatments. Also as common diseases as common cold is still treated in households with honey and lemon. Garlic is also thought to have beneficial properties. But it is always advisable to consult the family physician before giving any sort of medication.


    • Alternativemedicinetherapy:providinglifetothealmostdead