Asthma – the breathtaking disease causing concerns for children health


Asthma is a chronic disease which means it is inborn and last lifelong. It is mainly found in children of age 5 or more. In this disease the tube which is responsible for taking air in and out of our respiratory system gets swollen. About 20 million American people are suffering from asthma out of which 9million are children. Children have thinner and smaller airways than adults, resulting asthma more serious for them.
Causes of asthma:
• Allergies from dust particles, animals etc.
• Irritation from air, smoke, cigarette or any kind of other pollution.
• Changes in weather, i.e. from excessive hot weather to a cold weather.
• Common cold.
• Exercise can also make a person breathless.
• Heredity from parents.
• Being malnutrition.

How it feels like:
Children often face frequent coughing, breathlessness, chest tightness, weakness; skirl sound comes out when taking air in and out etc.

Diagnosis of asthma is quite a difficult process especially in children. Doctor recommends going for a chest x-ray, or else going through the child’s physical history. Few other tests are available such as peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) test, spirometry, or some allergenic tests.

Asthma cannot be totally treated away, but there are few precautions which a patient suffering from asthma can practice such as:

Environmental precautions: avoid taking in dust particles as much as possible, avoid dust mites by regularly changing the bed, cushion covers, and use poly-ester pillows and not the feather one.

Avoid molds and pollen: use air condition, ventilate rooms, and use bleach to kill molds.

Avoid annoyances: don’t let the patient go near the burning wood or any other kind of smoke.


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