Beneficial First aid methods to apply for snake and insect bite


snake bite, insect bite

First aid in case snake bite or insect bite is a very important procedure. The patient should keep tolerance while being treated. Before doing any First aid, it is better to identify the snake or the insect that have attacked the person. If once it is judged that how poisonous the attack is then treatment can be done properly. Lack of proper First aid can cause paralysis of limbs as well as death.

In case of snake bite, at first a bandage has to be tied tightly above the wound to prevent the toxin from spreading. But it should not be too much tight so it can damage blood circulation. The victim should not make movement in the effected part of the body. The wound can be washed with soap and water. The patient ought to be kept in such situation that the wound can be kept lower from the level of the heart. Anti-venom should be injected as early as possible.

Insect bite can cause different infections or can make a serious effect on any system of body. First the sting of the insect should be removed carefully if it is seen stuck on the skin outside. Rubbing the wound can cause spreading of the poison, which is present in the sting. Wounded part can be provided with cooling for temporary relief from pain. The wound should be washed with antiseptic lotion. Wounded place can be covered with ointment made of meat tenderizer. To avoid itching, Antihistamine compounds can be used as medicine. Pain killers can be taken to get relief from pain. In some serious condition victim should be admitted to nursing home.