Birth Control Options for perfect family planning


Due to the increase in birth rate the population is boosting up and creating problems in several standards. Especially the birth of boy child and killing of girl child before birth has become a serious issue and thus people trying for birth of a boy child even after the birth of two girl child should be stopped on an immediate basis through various birth control options.

The earlier type condom are effective in avoiding maternity up to a percentage of 85 to 98 percent and have the additional benefit of reducing the indication of HIV. But presently there are various types of condoms have been released in the market that is one of the wise decisions to use it along with any other contraception method.

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Intrauterine device is proved to be more than 99 % efficient. They are efficient, secure, long-lasting since 5 to 12 decades, based on its type and, best of all, undoable. But health-care expert should be consulted before placing IUD.
Another birth control option is the birth control implant method embed provides contraception for prolong term that sums up to three years and is about 99 % efficient. A doctor should be consulted before placing versatile matchstick-sized rod it operatively position under the epidermis of the arm.

The transdermal scrap is another birth control option that is about 92 percent effective. Weekly scrap should be applied and should be used for three several weeks, followed by a patch-free weeks time in the middle between the sessions.

Natural birth control option is also very effective that controls about 88 to 90 percent birth rate. But it is practice according to religion wise and calendar wise calculating the time of ovulation of the eggs without any side effects.


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