Easy procedure of stopping a Bloody nose


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A bleeding nose is a fairly common occurrence among kids. It is not so common for adults. Irritating the nasal membrane or sudden trauma initiates nose bleeding in children. Sudden pressure changes can also start nose bleeding.

Some easy steps can be followed to stop the nose bleeding are:

• The patient must be made to lean forward so that the blood does not go into the windpipe and block the path of air flow. The blood can also flow into the stomach which may initiate vomiting or other responses. Blood flow cannot be stopped simply by leaning back and hence the myth should not be followed.

• The patient’s nose must be pressed with the thumb and the index finger such that it is just below horizontal nose bridge bone. It should be adjusted such that no blood continues to flow out. It will stop the flow of blood and help in clotting .This should be continued for about 5 minutes or until the bleeding stops. If the bleeding does not stop even after 20 minutes doctor should be called for further assistance.

• As long as doctor does not come it must be made sure the patient does not loose blood as too much blood loss may result into fatal shocks. Ice packs or chemical cold packs can be used to make the blood vessels narrower and stop the blood flow. Bloody nose after a head injury can be caused brain damage and hence if this happens medical help should be contacted immediately.


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