Bone Health Nutrition – Key For Strong Bones


Bone health nutrition is very essential for our body. As we all know bones help in structuring our body.  Bones are the most vital part of the body it helps in movement of muscles in our body. Our body is standing on a structure of bones. It is the foundation of our body. To maintain and strengthen the foundation of the body bone health nutrition is very important.

Calcium plays an important role in building and maintaining our bones. It is very much important for us to eat food rich in calcium and vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D are the two very essential minerals for the development and protection of our bones. To fulfill the requirement of bone health nutrition is highly important calcium.

Food like milk, yogurt, cheese and other milk product are the highest source of calcium. Orange juice, whole grain, cereals, whole grain bread tofu (a type of cheese made with soya milk.) etc. are also very much rich in calcium. Vegetables like broccoli, nuts like almond are also the sources for calcium.

Our body always works like a machine and bones help it in functioning different task. It is very much important to take good care of them by providing them nutritious food for their development. Bone health nutrition is very essential in case of children because their body is going through various structural changes and development. It is the age when bone development and building takes place frequently.

Bone health nutrition
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It very important for the parents to give good and healthy food for the development of their body and nutritious food make their body strong. Oil massage is also an important factor for bone health nutrition.