Risks associated with the treatment of brain cancer


Cancer is actually the result of a tumor. Tumor is an abnormal growth of a particular cell. Brain cancer means brain tumor. A certain part of brain develops an extra lump inside the brain, which sometimes pains and results in peculiar behavior. These tumors are found inside the spinal cords and the central nervous system. Yes, to be precise, it is a life threatening event.

If a person is suffering from brain cancer, we are pretty sure of his death, just time is the factor. Doctors sometimes, try to treat these sort of cases, but in all the cases this is always said, the treatment can only increase the span of life for maximum six years but death is these cases is a necessary event.

The primary cause of brain cancer is assumed to be harmful radiation, exposure to ionization. The exact reason for these cancers cannot be given, but it is assumed that the person may be addicted towards tobacco and hence the consequences.

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Treatment of brain cancer is often done. First a CT-Scan of the total skull is done which includes the brain, nerves, spines and the total central system. The positions of the tumors are noticed. A plan is made to decide the exact place which is to be cut for the purpose of operation. Normally it is seen that, the back part of the ear is cut for the purpose of operation. Later the person becomes deaf, so the after affects are all kept in mind. The primary purpose of operation is to remove the tumor, so that the person may get some relief, but in actual there is hardly any relief as after operation, the patient cannot withheld the stress and result turns out to be negative.

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