Breast cancer awareness is of immense importance in today’s life


Breast cancer and emotions:
Breast cancer makes a women shiver with fear. So, recently breast cancer awareness is becoming a responsibility for everybody. Cancer is a disease of which everybody is scared of. Breasts are the most precious parts of a woman. It makes her feminine and beautiful. Breast cancer can destroy her beauty forever. So, every woman prays to god to spare her from this deadly thing.

What exactly breast cancer awareness is?
Breast cancer awareness is nothing but a step taken to reduce the fear of breast cancer with the help of proper guidance. There are many women who don’t know what the symptoms of breast cancer are. The awareness is spreading for helping those women to understand about breast cancer and helps them to fight back. Awareness can help detection of breast cancer in earlier stage which will save many lives.

Pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness:
Pink ribbon is the symbol of breast cancer awareness. It is worn by people who support the cause.

The breast cancer awareness month:
The month of October is celebrated as the National Breast Cancer Awareness (NBCA). In this month, many types of campaigns are formed to insert awareness among women. The primary aim of these campaigns is to promote mammograms and giving women with basic breast cancer ideas.

Role of media on the awareness:
Media plays a vital role for promoting such a good cause. It brings us all the necessary information needed for common women to know about breast cancer. Many well know faces and celebrities are undertaking this program. The common people are more attracted to the celebrities. So, promoting the awareness through their hands can be very useful.

Education plays a vital role in the awareness:
It is seen from the research that, there are many women who are unaware of the symptoms of breast cancer. As they do not know the symptoms, they are not able to understand what may be rooting inside their body. They go for check up at the last stage, when a doctor can do nothing. It is very vital to know the symptoms. If the cancer is diagnoses at an early stage, then the chances of getting cure is more. So, it is one of the important agenda of the awareness program. They work to make women aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. They are also promoting the treatments a woman should go through.

breast cancer awareness pictures,breast cancer awareness merchandise
Breast cancer awareness pictures

Focusing on lifestyle changes:
In the awareness, the lifestyle issues of a woman are also given importance. They are advised that a healthy lifestyle will reduce the chances of breast cancer. Too much of smoking and consuming alcohol may increase the chances of having breast cancer.

Too much of the awareness can be risky:
Now, too much of anything is not good. Too much of awareness may lead you in the wrong direction. Nowadays with so much of awareness, women are getting very anxious about breast cancer. Some women are going for mammograms when the lumps re not even cancerous. This are making them undergo many radiological procedures, those can be fatal in future. So, only awareness in not important, the awareness should be proper.

Breast cancer awareness is very important as there are many women who genuinely seek help in this matter. It is a great cause to support!


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