Breast cancer can be cured if treated properly


Women are often the victims of cancers in the reproductive parts of their body like the ovarian cancer, cancer of the breasts and so on. Breast cancer is now a huge concern for women as it is being detected in women very often. Due to malignancy of the cells in the breasts in women, often surgery is done to remove the breasts, a process termed as mastectomy.

According to most of the cancer specialists, even though it comes second after lung cancer, and seldom turns out to be fatal, there is nothing much to be worried about breast cancer. If properly treated and at proper time, cure is inevitable. There are many social organizations that educate women about this type of cancer and create awareness among the people.

Breast cancer can occur in any woman but there are obviously some key factors that explain the occurrence of the carcinoma. First of all,

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer picture

• Breast cancer may occur due to genetic mutations in women. It is totally unpredictable whether the mutation will occur or not.
• With age, the risk of getting breast cancer increases.
• If the past generations have a history of this kind of carcinoma, then a woman of that family runs a high risk of having this.
• If a woman experiences a surge of sex hormones at a very early age causing menstruation before the age of twelve then she might develop breast cancer later on.
• Infertility can lead to breast cancer.
• Certain medicines are found to be the seed planters of this disease.
• Excessive consumption of alcohol must be restricted among women as it brings them closer to breast cancer.


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