Interesting breast cancer facts for the mother to know


Breast cancer is perhaps one of the most damaging sorts of cancer. This is not due to those breast cancer facts that most people die of breast cancer, but it is due to the fact, it causes perhaps one of the most devastating effects on a woman’s mind as well as body. Families break up due to the cause of breast cancer of the mother. Moreover, if the mother is not married yet, it is far more damaging. Damaging in the sense that, now that single mother has a baby and on top of that she has lost a woman’s major attractive organ. This will prevent her from getting any future husbands in most cases.

Mothers can determine a malignant growth in their breast with the help of a Mammogram which is one of the most important breast cancer facts. In order to do this, it is necessary to visit a mammogram practitioner. However, you need to keep in mind that this treatment involves a sort of radiation therapy and we must be aware of the fact that radiation therapies can be the most possible cause to develop or increase the breast cancer chances on a female.

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An interesting part of breast cancer facts is that cancer cells are present in every woman’s body. As she ages, the numbers of cancer cells keep on increasing. Moreover, it’s a scientifically proven fact that at the age of 45, a woman’s breast consists of at least 45% cancer cells. Now there is no reason to get alarmed so soon. In most women, these cells remain in a dormant stage for their entire life. However it is a sad fact that in some women cancer is caused by them. This is not their fault and this happens mainly because of some hereditary problem or a problem in the genetic development of her entire family.

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