Never ignore the breast cancer symptoms, it may be fatal later


The cancer cell formation, which occurs in mammal breasts, is known as breast cancer. It is the most common cancer type found in women.

Breast cancer symptoms, in a nutshell:

Every disease has its own kind of symptoms. When a person is suffering from breast cancer the initial symptom is lump formation. You may also notice other forms of breast cancer symptoms like, redness of your breasts, inverted nipples or blood secretion from breast nipples. Breast cancer doesn’t cause any pain initially. You may not even understand your breasts are rooting cancer. But, later it can be very fatal if not properly diagnosed.
In some cases you never feel any kind of breast cancer symptoms, at the first stage. The cancer doesn’t show its existence. Also, any lump formation may be too small for you to feel its existence or it may not cause you any kind of difficulty. This may causes the diagnosis a little difficult. On the other hand helps the cancer to grow further. But, this only can happen in the initial stage. But, at some point you will get to know the symptoms.

The basic symptoms of breast cancer:

Lump formation:

Lump formation is the most common symptoms in breast cancer. The lump can be created either in your breasts, the milk ducts or inside of your lymph nodes, under the armpits. The lump can be of any size, small or big or even average.
Sometimes a lump can be so small, that you may not be able to detect it initially. When you get a mammogram test, your breasts will show the formation of lump only then.

But, any lump may not be cancerous. It can be a cyst or just a tumor. If you experience any kind of lump in your breast and if you feel it can lead to breast cancer, you should not delay and immediately contact a doctor. He can judge the best.

Breast dimpling and change in breast texture:

One of the most basic breast cancer symptoms is the dimpling of breasts. The breasts become asymmetrical and lose its proper shape. You will find dimples on single or multiple places. You can also find changes in the skin texture around the breast area. The breast swells and becomes red. All this shows that something is really wrong with your breasts.

Change in nipples:

If you find any changes in the shape or appearance of your breast nipples, it may be signaling towards breast cancer. An inverted nipple shows high chances of breast cancer. Color of the nipples may also change as a rare symptom of breast cancer.

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Secretion of fluid from breast nipples:

Any kind of secretion other than milk can be a symptom of breast cancer. Mostly blood is discharged out of the nipples when a person is affected by breast cancer. In some cases white fluid can also discharge. These are very genuine signs.

Some other symptoms, which may lead to breast cancer:

• Milk flaking of nipples
• Swelling of breasts
• Redness of breasts
• Rashes on breasts
• Pain in the upper back
• Swelling in the armpit

Proper diagnosis is very important for any kind of cancer. Sometimes a lump turns up to be just a cyst. But, if ignored, it may give a disastrous result. When you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms, it is better to visit a doctor. If diagnosis is done at the early stage, the sufferings will be less. You may not always see the breast cancer symptoms, so it is advised to go for regular checkups.


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