Many doors have open for breast cancer treatment nowadays


The main treatment of any cancer is surgery. Breast cancer treatment is no exception. The type of treatment totally depends upon the stage of the cancer. The earlier stages are easier to treat while the later stages are very complicated.

What are the treatments of breast cancer?


A breast cancer surgery depends upon the size and type of the tumor. Sometimes only removal of the tumor can solve the problem. Again, sometimes, the whole breast is removed. This process is known as mastectomy. Few reasons for mastectomy are:

• The tumor can be larger than the size of the breast
• If there are more than one tumor
• If the patient suffers from scleroderma

Radiation therapy

Radiotherapy is done after mastectomy. This is done to make sure no other cell can root inside the breast after the surgery. It provides high X-rays or Gama rays which are strong enough to kill cancerous cells. It reduces the chances of another cancer attack. It is said that, radiotherapy can prevent cancerous cell from coming back but, it doesn’t help in prolong survival.


Chemotherapy is given before or after surgery to kill the cancer cells. It is very effective. But, it has many side effects like severe hair fall and skin problems. This is a very common out of all the breast cancer treatment all around the world. Sometimes hormone therapy is also done as a treatment for breast;

What are the factors affecting the treatment options?

There are many factors which plays a vital role which affects the breast cancer treatment;

1. The size, stage and type of tumor are the main criteria to decide about the treatment. The treatment o totally different if the stage of cancer is different. Early stage breast cancer can be cured very easily. The type of the breast cancer has an immense importance.
2. A woman’s age is a point to keep in mind. The treatment varies with a woman’s age.
3. The rate of growth is also kept in mind before starting treatments.
4. The after effects of the treatments are also important

Breast cancer treatment
Breast cancer treatment picture

Cancer is a deadly disease. Breast cancer is becoming very infamous these days. But, with the advanced bio science, the treatment of cancer has reached a new dimension. There are many treatments available. When diagnosed at proper time, with right treatment, women are going back to their regular life. But for that treatment selection is very vital.

Ray of hope:

Few years back, it was impossible to think to overcome breast cancer. But, now things have changed a lot. For this breast cancer awareness plays vital role. Science is refining every day. Cancer is like challenge to people researching about this deadly disease. With research works, they are finding new ways to kill the cancer.
Breast cancer made all the women shiver with fear before. But, science has made things easier. But for that, proper diagnosis and treatment is very necessary. Treatments rely on many factors. So, you should keep all the points in mind. You should go for regular checkups. Prevention is always important for issues like breast cancer. Breast cancer treatment is not a big deal anymore if you diagnosis it in the early stage!