8 ways to burn fat at night while sleeping


Even when your body is at rest, body functions keep burning calories to maintain the body functions and maintain the working of the organs. The nervous system, digestive system, cardiac systems are at the recovery and refilling mode when we are sleeping.

Also we do tend to burn a lot of calorie while sleeping too due to our unhindered metabolism at rest. This where we need to focus and boost the process of calorie burning. Here are 8 ways to burn fat while sleeping.

  1. Drink White Tea

Studies have already proven that drinking white tea or herbal substitute tea contributes more to the fat burning at night. White tea is truly having all the properties of green tea Camilla Sinensis.

  1. Avoid Carbs in the evening

It’s advisable that all the carbs should be consumed during the early hours of the day and not left over for late night snacks before hitting the bed. This dramatically reduces the insulin levels in the blood and in return helps you to fight and burn more fat during night.

  1. Drink Protein shake in the evening

Proteins at night will help in muscle growth and also repairs injured or sore muscles; moreover protein digestion burns more calories than any other food group.

  1. Eat foods which are rich in Tryptophan at night

Food such as turkey, chicken, and eggs should be consumed at night as they contain tryptophan that contributes to better digestion and restful sleep. Also, since the protein content in such diets are high, more calories are burnt during protein digestion which automatically means more fat are being burnt too while sleeping. The simple science behind is ,because in order to digest protein your body needs energy from calories and with NO carb meals at night in the system they are forced to use fat as fuel burning.

  1. Sleep in darkness

Sleeping in darkness releases melatonin, a hormone which accentuates healthy sleep. Melatonin continues to the production of brown fat which we burn fat while sleeping.

  1. Drink 8 Glasses of water

Adequate water keeps your body hydrated and also contributes to a healthy metabolism. Ice cold water burns more calories than normal water as our body uses up more heat it up to our body temperatures.

  1. Munch on walnuts and almonds

Walnuts and almonds increases the melatonin which would improve sleep and is good for cardiovascular health.

  1. Eat more peppers

Eating peppers like cayenne peppers and chillies increases thermogensis (fat burning)   due to the ingredient called capsaicin. However you must eat in moderation if suffering from ulcers or gastric disorders.

Conclusion- the major focus here is never to burn fat but avoiding producing at the first place. The highest fat producers are the insulin levels which go in out system through sugar and sweet things we eat before going to sleep. Also avoid carbs rather consume lean product diet such as grilled chicken breast along with healthy portions of salads. In this way alone your growth hormones is released to burn fat while sleeping.