C1-C7 bones and all about the nervous system spinal cord


The nervous system is incomplete without the spinal cord. Spinal cord forms the main backbone of a human body. In some animals it is noticed that the spinal cord is not an important part of the nervous system and hence the nervous system spinal cord.

The spinal cord consists of bones from C1 to C7, Th1 to Th12 etc. while each has its own importance, the main important are the C` ones. They are directly related to the nervous system. The neurons are all connected through them and the message or the information’s are all passed through it. C1 to C6 are the bones responsible for the neck extensions and the neck movement.

We all know the nervous system spinal cord forms the main constituent of the whole system in some of the mammals. In case of humans the length of the spine is more as compared to the others. The upper part of the body starting from the head till the waist is connected through it. If you examine a body, you will see the upper [art normally carries sixty percent of the complete body weight which is all carried by the spine. It is directly connected to the medulla oblongata, the important part of the brain responsible for the sense of signals.

Central nervous system`s main constituent is the nervous system spinal cord. It is considered to be equally important in respect of functioning. The human reflexes are all generated and recognized by this spine. The signals of reflexes are all send through it and are reverted back through those C bones. The Th- twelve bones are all related to the thighs and the actions of thighs are all regulated by those.
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