Calcium And Bone Health – Counter Parts Of Each Other


Calcium and bone health are inter related to each other. Calcium makes our bones stronger. Calcium helps in building our body structure as bones are the base of our body. Deficiency of calcium can cause weak bones and many other bone or blood related diseases in our body. Calcium is an essential ingredient for the betterment of our body.

Calcium and bone health are the counter part of each other. Calcium plays a vital role in building bones and in maintaining the development of bones as bones plays a vital part in our body. Joint pains, ankle pain all kind s of bone related problems are caused because of the deficiency of calcium in the body. It is very important for us to include calcium in our diet. To fulfill the requirement of our bones we must eat food rich in calcium.

Milk is the key source of calcium, we can take low fat milk and other milk products like yogurt, cheese etc to maintain quantity of calcium in our body .Broccoli is also a rich source of calcium, we can include it in our food. Cereals, bread, tofu orange juice etc are also very important foods rich in calcium. Almond is the richest source of calcium among the nuts.

Calcium and bone health is very important for all age groups , but it is very  essential in the childhood and in the old age. In childhood calcium is required because this is the stage when bones build and develop. Old age is the stage when the decay of bones started as bones start losing their strength.

Calcium and bone health
Calcium and bone health photo

Calcium and bone health is also required during the pregnancy period and after the delivery because at this time body of women goes through many physical and hormonal changes.