Spreading cancer awareness through your own business


There are many ways to make people aware of cancer. One can support a cancer research campaign and post it on your friends’ facebook walls or one can also do something more potentially useful that is he can promote the awareness regarding cancer or simply create it with help of his own business. Ray William Johnson, the most subscribed YouTube comedian who has more than 3 million subscribers make the effort to personally declare it in his own voice “Support Cancer Research” which in turn is heard by over 3 million viewers of his videos and it helps passing this cancer awareness among common people all over the world.

The bright part to look at is through your own business you can also generate some profits or remissions even when your website or you are supporting and helping cancer awareness programs spread among the common masses. Awareness marches are not really that helpful and most of the times the people in vehicles will despise them without even looking at their program. So, it is up to you as an individual to decide whether you will prefer sponsoring such a march or do something yourself fruitful.

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It is common knowledge that the running of every Business Company or factories or medicine manufacturing business requires the use of notepads, writing material, pens and others. So, this is a great medium to spread the awareness of cancer research. Any sort of notepads belonging to the company can easily dedicate a page at the end to the knowledge of preventing any sort of cancer causes or manifesting them. If your company is big, then it will hit the minds of the customers that selling commodities or providing giveaway products to maximize your profits is not your primary concern but you are also trying yourselves to promote cancer awareness through your products.

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