The various cancer stages, there concept and dependence on parameters


The idea of cancer stages is such that it generally describes the extent or the limit to which your cancer has spread in your body. Cancer is undoubtedly curable in the earliest stages of detection, however, the chance of detection decreases with the increase in the extent or the jump in the spreading of cancer from one stage to another.  Therefore, it is extremely important to know about the different stages of cancer as for the reason that each stage needs a different type of treatment. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that treatment is only possible to a certain extent. After that or more literally in the last possible stage of cancer, things rest in the Hand of God and one can only hope for a peaceful death and start counting his days.

The spreading of cancer stages depends on a lot of parameters like:

  • The volume of the tumor, its growth process, etc.
  • How deep the penetration of cancer has taken place
  • The spreading of cancer to different parts of the body
  • Effect on cancer on the lymph nodes that can further result in blood cancer.

The most fearsome fact of cancer is that cancer in one part of the body can spread to other parts of the body and finally damage the entire immunity and condition of your body.

cancer development stages

The numbers of cancer stages are usually four. The first stage is when the cancer is localized in the organ it has affected. The cancer still hasn’t spread, however the tumor has grown in size and there is a possibility that it could affect the lymph nodes near to the tumor. This is the second stage. The third stage is when spreading of the cancer occurs and it already affects the lymph nodes near to the cancerous cells. The fourth and final unstoppable stage is when the cancer has inhabited not only the overlying tissues but also full organs of the body.

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