Various cancer types and their inhibition


There are many cancer types and one of the most fearsome facts about cancer is that it can affect various organs of the body, even blood and bone marrow! Whatever the type of cancer is, it is always a bad news. After Aids, Cancer is the most feared term and perhaps the one of the most dangerous villains in dangerous diseases blacklist. Cancer is as deadly as Aids because in the latest stages, cancer is completely incurable and does not have any cure. It is always necessary that you completely stay away from carcinogenic agents like cigarettes, Bong water, marijuana smoking, too much fast food eating and others.

Cancer is usually named keeping in mind the part of the body from which it originates. There are many common cancer types. This means that the occurrence of this form of cancers has a very high percentage. These are the sort of cancers that have killed the most in the world since cancer was discovered. They are namely breast cancer, the cancer that is mainly caused by cigarette smoking or lung cancer, another form of cancer is colorectal cancer and cancer of the prostate gland in males.

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Diagnosis of any cancer types is based on the fact that, the earlier you shed light on the existence of cancer in your body, the better off you will be. There are many other types of cancer like blood cancer, cancer in the bone marrow, skin cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, brain cancer and others. Some of these will happen even when you do not want them to and some of them happens due to some of your own malpractices.

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