Chemotherapy the best answer to cancer treatment


Cancer treatment can be done via Drug therapy, Chemotherapy, Biopsy, surgery etc. The unwanted part which has grown abnormally in a body is termed as cancer. The tumor consists of the cancer germs. It is a life threatening disease, which in most of the cases has caused life. But the medical science has never stopped its will to keep the patient alive. It has invented new technologies to treat the undefeatable disease.

Drug therapy is another way for cancer treatment. The germ inside the body is treated with the external injected drugs. Normally these drugs are very costly. The chances for a patient to live long during initial stage are very more. Pharmacists are constantly into the research to invent new drugs which can be applied in the therapy and keep the patient alive for a longer time.

Surgery is considered to be the best method in cancer treatment. The tumor is removed by surgery to reduce the chances of spreading the cancer. Surgery is normally preferred to those cancers like stomach, breast, etc. Breast cancers are often treated with surgery. The infected part is subtracted from the body and then is treated with rays.
Cancer treatment

After surgery the body is then treated with chemo. Chemotherapy is always used in cancer treatment. The part where cancer is affected is treated with rays that are the affected part is burned so that the germ does not stay deep and does not do any sort of cell division and multiply its own existence. Biopsy is done to check the depth of the cancer. The operated part is treated in laboratory to get a result based on which we can determine the cause of it and act accordingly.


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