Chicken pox – Another ailment which affects children health


Chicken pox is an epidemic disease which mainly occurs on children. It causes itching and swelling all over the skin.
Chicken pox is caused by a virus named Varicella-zoster (VZV). It runs through a process of 15-21 days. No medicine can stop this course to stop. Chicken pox gets transmitted from one person to another through air, or direct contact. After 7-9 days the deal skins of the blisters start coming out.
Symptoms of chicken pox:

• Itching and rashes all over the body.
• Fatigue, fever, headache.
• Rashes spread all over the body.


Varicella-zoster vaccination is available in us since 1995 which was established by Michiaki Takahashi in 1974 to fight against chicken pox.

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Varicella vaccinations mainly reduce the symptoms of chicken pox. It does not at all cure it. Patient having chicken pox will have to go through the phase of 21 days to recover from chicken pox. Patients are advised to stay at home during this phase. It is also recommended to stay in a single room, away from other family members, as it can get transferred to them too.

Patients are asked to cut off their nails and avoid itching as much as possible, as itching can cause extra infection. For children acyclovir is recommended by the doctors within 24 hours. It only gives little relief from itching. Children above 12years are recommended not to take any medication.

Pregnant women can have a severe effect of chicken pox. The infection can get transferred through the placenta to the fetus. Patients having leukemia, HIV and those who had a transplant are adversely affected by chicken pox.

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