Chicken pox symptoms appear before the disease breaks out!


Chicken pox is one of the most common virus caused diseases that is experienced by all especially children and chicken pox symptoms are very easy to recognize. It is less painful when occurs in childhood. Since it is a contagious disease, the patient but be kept in isolation and must be given nutritious foods. The rashes and blisters cause itching sensation but it must be kept in mind that these should not be scratched and hence fingernails must be cut as a safety measure. The disease heals itself and needs no medication but only proper food and water consumption. Scratching may aggravate infection and reduce the rate of healing.

Some of the common symptoms

Before it breaks out, chicken pox exhibits certain symptoms which doctors or even elders can easily make out. Following are the common chicken pox symptoms that are experience by most people:

• Slight pain in the throat, problem in eating food and gulping.
• Weakness, fatigue and aches in the body
• A rash develops n one part of the body that is painful. Usually it occurs in the chest, scalp, shoulder etc.
• Itching sensation in the rash area and continuous development of blisters.
• Feverish feeling with relatively higher body temperature than usual

However the symptoms are more severe in adults compared to children. Serious complications may occur in adults.

Prevention of the disease

Once the chicken pox symptoms are observed the disease can no longer be prevented but people can get themselves injected with chicken pox vaccine so that they never get the disease. Usually people do not get chicken pox when vaccinated but exceptions are there. About 10-20% people may develop the disease even after getting the vaccination. But the vaccine helps people get milder version of the disease and they may get cured faster.

Chicken pox symptoms during pregnancy

The chicken pox virus as well as the chicken pox vaccine both is harmful for a pregnant woman and her fetus. If the chicken pox symptoms are observed during pregnancy it may cause some serious trouble. It is likely that the fetus will develop certain abnormalities or even get seriously harmed neurologically. It is always advised to keep a pregnant woman safe and well immune so that she does not experience the disease. Consultation of a doctor is essential in such cases.

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Contagious nature of the disease

Before the appearance of the disease, when only the symptoms are noticed, the person remains highly contagious and can spread the virus to many. People also develop the disease when they remain in contact with an affected person. In that case, while nursing the patient it must be kept in mind that you get yourself properly vaccinated. It is advised to not to touch the rashes or the blisters. The patient must be isolated from the rest of the family and no intimate contact must be kept. The things touched by the patient, the utensil used, the clothes worn must be kept separately as these can give you the viral disease as well. Many people experience the following symptoms as well:

Cough which is mostly dry
• Pain in the abdomen
• Irritation in the skin
• Drastic loss of hunger and appetite

But the chicken pox symptoms and the disease itself are somewhat mild usually especially in children who are healthy.


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