Childhood cancer may be of different types


The body is an amazing creation of God. Each and every cell of the body works in coordination with each other to maintain harmony and balance. However, when some cells loses their normal properties and behaves abnormally in terms of growth and cannot be regulated. Otherwise every cell is closely regulated in terms of the life span, growth and interaction with other cells. This abnormalities in cell functioning may occur ever early in life causing childhood cancer.

There are different types of cancer and each of them is manifested in different symptoms and signs. Naturally those also vary in terms of treatments and results. The result of treatment depends on the types of cells involved and the extent of abnormality in the rate of growth of the cells.

Childhood cancer image
Childhood cancer may be of different types

In case of Childhood cancer, the affected cells grow uncontrollably, acquires abnormal shapes and sizes, move beyond the normal boundaries inside the body and cause destruction of the neighboring cells. These can subsequently spread to other tissues and organs.

Childhood cancer affects 14 out of every 100,000 kids in the US every year. Spread over all age groups the common types are the leukemia, brain cancer and lymphoma. There is an increased incidence of bone cancer among teens. In several cases, the disease arises from the noninherited changes or mutation of the genes of cells during growth. As these are the errors that occur randomly, there is no way to prevent them.

The typical symptoms of the disease are fever, swollen glands, anemia, bruises and frequent infections. As these are symptoms of many other types of diseases, there is likelihood that cancer does not get detected early. However, once detected it requires immediate medical attention and treatment.