Coronary heart disease – About their causes and how to abate them


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Coronary heart disease dubbed by medical practitioners as CHD is mainly caused due to narrowing or rapturing of blood vessels which is entrusted with supplying blood along with oxygen to the heart.
This is also caused due to accumulation of excessive fatty muscles inside the arteries. Coronary heart disease can lead to death.

Causes of Coronary heart disease may include either of high blood pressure, diabetes or presence of extra cholesterol in blood. Formation of excessive fat deposited inside the soft walls of the arteries, causes arteries to become narrower. It results in less or no blood flow. Being overweight or intake of alcohol, cocaine or smoking may also cause heart ailments.


Chest pain or fatigue or weakness, profuse sweating, discomforts in breathing may be symptoms of heart related ailments. Sometimes the patients cannot have any symptoms at all; yet they possess heart diseases.

Coronary angiography/arteriography is an x-ray that is done to test the arteries. Echocardiogram also known as cardiac ECHO helps test the state of the pulsating heart. Electrocardiogram (ECG) performs sonogram of the heart. In order to check calcium levels in arteries, Electron-beam computed tomography (EBCT) comes into the fore. Heart CT scan, computed tomography angiography dubbed as CT amniography help notch the reason for heart ailments. Reduction of stress levels of patients are carried out by Nuclear Stress Tests. Magnetic resonance angiography portrays the condition of hearts as well. Doctors recommend taking in some medicines to control blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes level etc.

Medicines required are:

• ACE inhibitors: It is functional in lowering blood pressure.
• Aspirin: to prevent from forming blood clots.
• Beta-blockers work vehemently in reducing blood pressure by notches and lowering the oxygen level as well.
• Calcium relaxes arteries quite enterprisingly.
• Diuretics: lower blood pressure.
• Statins: to lower cholesterol, etc.

The patient is recommended to have some changes in life style such as having a healthy diet(rich of fruits and green vegetables), having regular physical exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding salt(sodium), animal products(such as cheese) ,quitting smoking, drinking etc.


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