Diarrhea in babies its symptoms and home care


Babies tend to have stools frequently during the first two months of their lives and this stool is generally loose and soft. This is the reason that diarrhea in babies is very hard to diagnose. Most babies have the pattern of stool that is very much characterized to them. It means the stool pattern is individually very different. However diarrhea can be determined by some methods that are given below

  •  A sudden increase in frequency of the stool.
  • If the number of stool increases to more than one as compared to feeding.
  • If the water content of the stool is more.

Diarrhea is very common to occur in those babies that have some sort of continuing fever or congestion and if they are feeding in a poor fashion. Diarrhea in babies is generally caused by the presence of a virus and the span of the disease is very short lived. Therefore sometimes no treatment is required as the disease can go away in its own. Diarrhea causes dehydration and this can happen very quickly in the infants below three years’ of age.

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Diarrhea in babies its symptoms and home care

Signs of diarrhea in babies include:

I.            Dry eyes and no tear formation while crying.

II.            Less active baby.

III.            Irritable baby.

IV.            Fewer numbers of wet diapers.

V.            Eyes appearing sunken in the socket.

VI.            No urine output in 8 hours.

Home care of diarrhea includes the breast feeding of the baby. This speeds up the process of the recovery. Oral rehydration can also be given to the infant in regular periods. But it is advisable to contact the pediatrician if the symptoms worsen and vomiting persists for over a period of 24 hours.