Disorders behind bleeding in stool with pain


Sometime in bowel movement, it is noticed that blood comes out with the stool. The very first assumption made by the victims is constipation. Mainly the children are affected by this problem. In constipation, they felt problem in putting away the solid waste in means of stool from their body; hence bleeding in stool with pain occurs to them.

Constipation is not the cause. Beside constipation, some other chronic diseases may happen in the symptom of bleeding in stool with pain, which are mainly suffered by the adults:

Anorectal disorder: This is very common problem seen in aged person. This disorder occurs at the junction between the anus and rectum. While discharging hard bowel, the tissues and cells of the anus tears, known as anal fissure, this causes extreme pain. And the blood comes out from the torn tissues of the anus.

Haemorrhoids: It is also called piles or lump in the rectum. This is a common disease seen in many pregnant women and in newborn mothers. This is cause due to extreme pressure on the veins of the anus while carrying the weight of the fetus. The vein swells due to the pressure, and hence bleeding in stool with pain along with an itchy sensation in the anal occurs. Severe bleeding may cause iron deficiency to the pregnant woman which is pretty harmful for the fetus. Hence, immediate treatment is necessary before the blood clots.

Diverticulosis: Diverticulitis is a small sac like structure present in the intestine, which often gets infected, and hence the disorder occurs. This disorder is very common to the people who are over 60 years old. The cause behind the problem is intake of low fibre foods. A bloating and cramping feeling occurs in the lower portion of the belly and blood comes out with the stool.

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Bleeding in stool with pain image

Angiodysplasia: Here the veins, tissues and the capillaries of the right colon enlarge, and hence swelling occurs with aberrant pain.


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