E. coli effects in children


If your child is having a bad stomach ache, vomiting very often and also have a tendency of diarrhoea then don’t take the symptoms easily. All the above prescribe symptoms are the symptoms of the infection caused by Escherichia coli which is a form of bacteria. Escherichia coli commonly said E. coli has both the good and bad effects. It is naturally present in your child’s intestine where it helps in the digestion of the food that your child eats.

There are various strains of E. coli, some o them are good and some are very much infectious t the health of your child. When this rare strain of the bacteria somehow gets into the blood of your child then it tends to cause serious infection in them. Some of the common signs of the infections due to the attack of E. coli are excessive pain inside the tummy and adverse stomach cramps, traces of blood with the symptoms of diarrhoea and excessive vomiting.

There are many sources from which your child can get affected by the bacteria E. coli. Some of the commonly known sources are beef, spinach, most of the fast foods, etc. All the vegetable that your child eats can be contagious by the strains of E. coli as cow dung is normally used as the manure for all kinds of cultivations.

To keep your child protected from all the above mentioned problems do wash the vegetables very well before cooking it. Try to avoid taking raw vegetables and boil them very well before serving. Boil the beef at high temperature before making any dish out of it.