Eczema causes and care


Eczema is a general term that defines dermatitis or any type of inflammation of the skin. Some times atopic dermatitis is also interchangeably used as eczema. This type of dieses generally results from the abnormality of the barrier function of the skin and is associated with the factors affecting the genetic makeup of a person.

What is the cause of eczema?

Though the exact cause of eczema is still unknown and under research but it is assumed that the skin disease is caused by the impaired immune system of the epidermal and the dermal layer of the skin. A type of gene defect brings about abnormal formation of the protein filaggrin and this is the cause of atopic dermatitis otherwise known as eczema also. There are certain forms of eczema that are triggered by the irritant substances like cosmetics, soaps, jewelry or even sweat. Sometime changes in the temperature e may even bring about eczema. Psychological stress is another important cause of eczema.

Care and treatment

To take care of eczema you must have a list of priority that includes no scratching, no itching and no aggravating the infection by the use of the substance that is causing the occurrence of the disease. Thus treatment of eczema requires a lifestyle change. Also the disease can be treated by certain medication as well. This medical treatment depends upon the age, skin type, overall condition of health and the severity of the disease. Treatment may include the application of corticosteroid creams that are prescribed by the doctors and also drinking a lot of water to keep the skin moist and healthy.