Eye health tips that are essential for your healthy eyes


Eye health is a main concern for the older as well as the younger generation of today’s world. People are normally unaware of various eye health tips that that they should follow in their day to day life to protect their eye form getting damaged. Eye is an important organ of human body that make us perceive of the world in the away of a never ending movie. It is due to this organ we are able to work the way we are working in our daily lives. There can be many reasons for improper eye health, for example improper nutrition, excessive watching of the television, etc.

Necessary eye health tips:
Sometimes the eye problem can be a genetic issue for that instant the person need to be aware of his family history and need to consult an eye specialist.

1) Food is an important issue for proper eye health and a person need to take a lot of green vegetables, egg, milk, for the proper nourishment of his eyes.
2) Becoming obese can leads to various problems like diabetes which in turn may lead to the loss of the vision of the person.
3) A person should wear an eyewear in case of going out in a summer season. It protects the ultra violet rays by about 99% to directly come in contact with your eyes.
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4) Smoking leads to macular degeneration of the eye also can leads to cataract in some case as per various statistical surveys.
5) If you are a person who uses contact lenses then you should wash your hand properly before touching those lenses.
6) Most important tip among eye health tips is that a person should try to maintain a hygienic environment around him where ever he stays.


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