Facts on pregnancy control pills


If you are having unprotected sex and are having pregnancy control pills very frequently then you must have some consideration before using it. Birth control tablets are nothing but chemically synthesized for of progesterone and estrogens. It helps in stop conceiving by making the adjustments in the hormone level in the women. It maintains the level of estrogens and thus stooping the ovary of the female to produce any egg that can fertilize with the sperm.

There are some risks factors that are attached with taking birth control pills on the regular basis. If you are taking the birth control pills regularly in your early 20s then there might be some taking place at the time of your conceiving. Also if you are regular in taking the pregnancy control pills then your menstrual cycle may happen in a distorted manner with irregular flow. If you are having breast cancer, blood clotting tendencies, etc then taking the birth control pills is harmful for your health.

The most dangerous risk related in having the birth control pills is that it cannot stop you in having the sexually transmitted disease like AIDS, etc. Taking birth control pills will be helpful only if it is taken within the 48 hours of the intercourse and after that the effect of the Birth control pills reduces with time.

Facts on pregnancy control pills
Facts on pregnancy control pills image

Thus, if you are having any of the above prescribed problems then you must opt for the other contraception method other than the birth control pills. It is always advised that you should consult a doctor if you are having any of the problems related to the use of the birth control pills as soon as possible.


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