First Aid Methods: Treatment of Electric shocks


Electric shocks usually occur when a person has been exposed to a source of electricity or a high voltage current. The sources can be natural or manmade and this mostly occurs when the entire electricity passes through the person’s body.

It can cause severe muscle contraction, head or leg injury when a person falls down and burns on the hand and body surface. It can also cause dehydration, kidney failure and sometimes in the most serious cases it can cause Narcosis which is also known as tissue death.

Steps to follow when treating a shock victim:

• Do not attempt to move the person’s body instead let it stay wherever it is in case you get an electric shock yourself through that person.
• Immediately cut off the source of electricity to the person’s body.
• Do the treatment that is necessary for minor burns
• In case, it is very necessary, remove the body with the help of any insulating material. That will stop the chances of you getting any sort of shock.
• If the burns are too excessive then immediately call an ambulance and admit the person to a hospital which is as closest to your location as possible.
• Do not attempt to touch the burned or charred areas because be warned, you may further aggravate the injury.

Last but not the least always, make sure you try to avoid any kind of loose fitting of electrical appliances. Make sure you keep all appliances out of the reach of children. All electrical appliances and connections should be checked at least once a month in order to reduce chances of a shock.


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