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The main factor responsible for most of the heart disease caused is ill diet. Cutting down fats in the regular diet reduces the risk of heart disease reducing the cholesterol level or maintaining it. Saturated fat is very harmful which is present if fat full dairy items like cakes, pastries or cookies. These can be replaced with items containing mono saturated fats like olive oil, nuts, almonds and avocado pears. Again small amount of poly saturated fats help to reduce cholesterol level so, vegetable oils can be included n the diet. Fresh fruits which are less sugary and green vegetables should be included in the diet, the water intake must be a decent amount as it maintains proper metabolic rate.

A proper blood pressure level is must so the salt intake must be less as it increases blood pressure. Regular exercises keeps body fit and reduces fat, and stops the deposition of adipose tissues on the heart wall and around the blood vessels. Regular exercise is must for everyone. Obesity puts unwanted strain on heart.

One of the most important factors is smoking; the primary step to reduce the chances of heart diseases and respiratory problems is reducing the smoking rate or possibly quitting the bad habit. Smoking for the already weak hearts can be fatal too.

Changing the lifestyle by only changing the food habits is not the only way to reduce the chance of heart diseases, staying happy with less stress is also very important. Also monitoring the heart status regularly can prevent major loss if there is already a problem in the heart.


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