Good sleep is essential for health


A good sleep is imperative for the health of a person. What happens is that after the body has been spent up during the day, it desires to rest and this leads to sleep. In this way, the muscles and the organs of the body are able to relax and can function normally every day. If a person is unable to sleep or does not get adequate sleep in the night then he cannot perform better, he cannot concentrate properly and if this persists for long, he can even suffer from sleep related diseases.

It’s vital that a person should know how to get a good sleep. There are several factors that may become an obstacle in order to get a good sleep and that they are mentioned below.

1. Spicy Foods

Many experts have researched and stated that a person should not eat spicy foods before going to sleep in the night. Such meals can lead to acid reflux and indigestion which is not good for the stomach. Excessive intake of spicy foods will take longer to digest so they should be avoided too.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine contains stimulants which affect the central nervous system, heart and respiratory system and makes them more active longer time period. A single cup of caffeine or even coffee can lead to difficulty in sleeping and too much of caffeine can even cause insomnia.

3. Television violence

If a person watches some horror or violence in a movie or a show on television then he would not able to get a good sleep. As such horror and violence or something similar will continue to disturb him during sleep and he will not be able to sleep peacefully at all.

4. Long naps

It has been seen that a person who takes naps for long may not feel good when he wakes up. That is he will tired and dazed out during the day. So it’s better to take a nap for only half an hour and develop this routine on a regular basis.

A person should make a habit of following a proper routine that would help him to get a good sleep. He can make a proper schedule for the time to sleep and the time to wake up. That is he should go to sleep at the designated time and get up at the time which he has selected for each day. In this way, his body will get accustomed to the routine and there will not be any problem of fatigue or restlessness during the day.

Secondly, a person should take a hot bath before going to sleep, as it will lower his body temperature and prepare his body to take the required rest in the night. Thirdly, a person should sleep on a comfortable bed and that it’s really necessary that it is of high quality. Fourthly, a person should keep his room dark and check that the room is not too hot as well. Lastly, a person should not drink alcohol and avoid smoking as they create difficulty in sleeping and he will not be able to get a good sleep.


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