Guidelines to reduce the risk of heart attack


A good life style and a healthy daily routine can help reduce the risks of a cardiac arrest and hence a set of recommended guidelines should be followed. Your daily life style depends upon your food habit and work hour, different timings etc and all these have a direct impact on a person’s health. There are a few basic formulas, which a person can follow to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some of them are listed below. A daily 30 minutes walk can reduce the risk of cholesterol formation and hence reduce the chances of a heart attack. Maintaining a stable blood pressure level is the next precautionary measure.

A balanced diet is very helpful in staying healthy and nuts are a very important part of a steady diet. Nuts should be included in a person’s daily diet as they are good for decreasing the blood cholesterol level. Having 10 table spoons of tomato sauce per week is also a good option. Tomato sauce is rich in potassium which reduces blood pressure, crucial to lowering the risk of heart attack.

Fat should be avoided, if not completely then by a considerable sum. Alcohol must also be avoided as much as possible as it increases the risk of running a heart attack. A balanced diet must also include lots of fresh vegetables. Green vegetables are good for the body and the metabolically helps the body fight a heart attack. If the tips are followed on a regular basis, the chances of getting a heart attack can be reduced considerably.