Handling a person suffering from convulsions


Convulsions are a type of a seizure. Basic convulsions happen when a person’s muscles expand and contract very vigorously and immediately they relax and again start contracting. Such cases are usually observed in Epilepsy.
Convulsions are visually very disturbing and maybe difficult to watch. But keep in mind that most seizures are not really harmful and they pass after a matter of 2 to 3 minutes. If you notice that a person is continuously having seizures with no break in between, then be sure that the person is facing a much more serious problem and may need medical attention.
Meningitis, epilepsy, fever in young children can all be the major causes of convulsions. Heart diseases, brain tumors and electric shocks can also be the cause of convulsions.

Basic first aid tips for a person suffering convulsions:

• A person can thrash his hands and legs wildly. Do not lose your cool in such a situation and try to keep the person in an area free from sharp objects or glass as the person may seriously injure himself when having a seizure attack.
• In case the person starts to vomit, turn him to the side in order to prevent the vomit from going into the lungs.
• Loosen the clothes so that the person can at least breathe freely.
• Try to get a cushion to the person’s head in order to prevent any sort of head injury or hemorrhage.
• Lastly, look for a medical tag or ID in the person’s body which is usually provided with more necessary instructions.